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Scary DairyScary Dairy 

Publish Date : 07-10-2009

Hits : 26342

Rating : 2.8 of 5

This was taken at the old Billiwack Dairy, known by the locals as "The Scary Dairy". The dairy actually burnt down years ago. The picture shows a flame coming out of a pipe and through my boyfriends back up to the sky and appears to have arms and a face.
Photo submitted by Shawn Plummer

I have always had an interest in the paranormal so when I heard about a possible haunted location close by I had to go check it out. In the early 1930 the former Camarillo Insane Asylum opened it's to doors. It has been documented that at one time it housed over 7,000 patients, from the depressed to the criminally insane. It is said they performed over 100 lobotomies a month and used electric shock therapy. The Billiwack Dairy was opened a short time later. The patients were forced to work at the dairy as a form of rehabilitation. The worked the feilds with the farm animals and in the slaughterhouse. The insane asylum has since been converted into a univerity where staff and students still claim to have encounters with the paranormal. The Billiwack Dairy burnt down shortly after the asylum was closed. Police moniter the area due to gang activity and satanic worshiping. The story goes, the owner of the dairy went crazy himself and murdered the workers and fed them patients. These pictures were takin on my digital camera, Kinolta Monolta 5 Megapixel at 10:00pm. There was no form of light, no moon, and the place is about a mile from the road. We experienced battery drainage on my neices camera and our flash light quit working.
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